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Calculating the True Cost of Facilities Maintenance

Facilities maintenance is too often viewed as a time and money black hole rather than a valuable business initiative. Some retailers working to determine maintenance strategies tend to focus only on hourly costs, neglecting to address the complexities and nuances involved with facilities maintenance.


Defining the True Cost of Facilities Maintenance

The true cost of facilities maintenance is composed of two key parts: direct and indirect costs. When determining facilities maintenance costs, retailers often only calculate direct costs like hourly wages, parts and trip charges.

But indirect costs like invoice processing, vendor sourcing and potential lost sales due to maintenance-related issues must also be considered when evaluating the effectiveness of facilities maintenance programs.   

SMS Assist’s white paper, “How to Calculate the True Cost of Facilities Maintenance,” takes a close look at how direct and indirect operational costs factor into maintenance strategies and the impact they have on businesses’ bottom lines.


Key takeaways include:

  • How to accurately evaluate total cost of ownership for facilities maintenance.
  • The seven most common indirect operational costs for facilities.
  • How senior executives and facility managers can quantify and manage indirect costs.
Download “How to Calculate the True Cost of Facilities Maintenance” to learn how you can identify and mitigate indirect operating costs for better facilities maintenance.



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